iDate Featured Artist – Kara

Kara is a K-Pop quintet that achieved success with its first number one single called “Honey”. Kara debuted in March of 2007. Their songs are great and their dance routines are impressive among all the other K-Pop groups. Kara’s music is so upbeat that you can’t help but feel happy! It just makes you want to get up and bust a move!

Park Gyuri
Park Gyu Ri is the lead girl of Kara. This former child actress and model is definitely destined to become an Asian superstar. Gyuri is also a Gemini and loves to call herself “goddess”.

Han Seungyeon
Han Seungyeon is quite a charmer and debuted in showbiz as a child actress in the Korean drama “Star in My Heart”.
She was also a pop columnist and VJ prior to joining Kara.

Goo Hara
Born on January 13, 1991,  Hara is a natural dancer with all the right moves. From online shopping mall model to kpop princess, she’s a sure head-turner on the dancefloor.

Jiyoung (Kang Ji Young)
The youngest member of Kara, Jiyoung is just awesome singer and dancer. At the of 16, she has become the adoring princess of the K-Pop music scene.

Nicole (Jung Yong Joo)
She is one feisty rapper and dancer. A Korean American who grew up in California. She wrote the rap lyrics for Kara’s song “Let It Go!”. Nicole has her own reality show about her life as a college student.

Kara’s popular single “Mister” is included in iDate’s song list. Here’s a video of the live performance from the popular all-girls group.

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  1. jaztien15 says:

    Why are there too much K-POP on iDate..??

    I really love playing it but the songs were quite freaking me out.. first of all, I really hate K-POP!! I love Chinese songs so I would suggest that you could put more songs aside from Korean songs.. try putting some english, japanese, chinese or even Filipino songs… Anyway, if you need help finding chinese songs, you could always send me a message or visit my site.. Thanks!!

  2. OK good to see- interesting comments are always sweet! See yas.

  3. OK nice to see- new blogs are always helpful! Blessings.

  4. goo hara ur so cute and ur hair i like it more songs to come Godbless

  5. aShen8197 says:

    maG kakamukha lang siLa eh hihi~!

  6. aDiKtUs says:

    @jaztien15…lolz…this is korean game…

  7. AnGeLOfGraCe says:

    ang cute talaga nilang tingnan lalo na si goo hara nung music video ng pretty girl ng KARA i really love them


  8. mikaella says:

    ano poh ung ne nah kanta?????

  9. kyleshem says:

    nakaka adik mag idate!!!!!!!!!!!!! its ok kahit k-pop ung song dun nakaka relate na nga aq eh!!!!!hihihihihhi ^_~ GL sa lahat ng naglalaro sa idate!

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