iDate Halloween Cosplay and Skit Winners

Did you have fun last Halloween? We do! Our iDate Halloween event was a hit! There are a lot of iDate players who are awaiting the iDate Halloween event. Other people are joining in the fun and they got free sticker tattoo. We’re all excited for this event. We’ve been preparing for this Halloween event for a whole month. Yeah, we know. All of the iDate players are all excited as well. We’ve prepared lots of mini-games for all of you. Let me give you a run-over of our mini-games. We have this “Look for the iDate Halloween Pumpkins where you can see prizes at the back of the Halloween Pumpkins that were posted all-over the activity area. We’ve got “Walk the Fence” which consisted of 3 groups (5 members each). They need to walk the marked line backwards. The first group to finish wins. Next, we have “Create a Halloween Monster”. We have 4 pairs who joined this mini-game. All they have to do is draw a monster on the face of their partner blindfolded. We have iDate “Trick or Treat”. That was for the iDate attendees who registered in our iDate attendance. They need to keep the half of the stub that we have given for the iDate Trick or Treat raflle. After that we have the iDate Halloween Paper Dance – Hunting Mode. We have 5 pairs for this and they need to stay in the paper that’s been folded every turn. Then, we have Wiggle Worm where 3 groups (5 members) will race. The first group to finish the race wins (with the least time).
This event wouldn’t be successful if not for you iDaters. We would like to thank all who participated in our iDate Halloween event. The event was held at the Cyberzone Activity Area in SM Marikina last October 30, 2010.

Enjoy the pictures!

Excited for our iDate Halloween event.

That’s scary!

Who is this GM behind the pumpkin paper?

Rawr… I will eat ‘yah!

Tryin’ on the sash.

The iDate Halloween Pumpkins with prizes.

The stage.

In the registration table.

Our backdraft.

Lots of players signing-up for the attendance.

Free Tattoo for all.

Walk the Fence mini-game

iDate Henyo mini-game

Create a Halloween Monster mini-game

iDate Trick or Treat

iDate Halloween Paper Dance – Hunting Mode mini-game

Wiggle Worm Race mini-game

The iDate Halloween Cosplayers were awesome! There were so many creative iDate players who have paraded their Halloween costume. The crowd took lots of pictures of them. Some are taken from movies, manga and one was originally designed by the player himself. The Top 10 were chosen for the finals. The judges were having difficulties choosing among the 16 contestants.

The winners in the iDate Halloween Cosplay are:
3rd Place: Bryan Roy aka bryanroy24
2nd Place: Cecila Iio aka kikirikiri08
1st Place: Ronel Flores aka J2LCKaEL

Here are the amazing photos….

Contestant #1 Wilson Chua as the Soul Reaper Ichigo Kurosaki from Bleach

Contestant #2 Kuroro Escanilla as Ryuk from DeatNote

Contestant #3 Daryll Rondina as Count Dracula

Contestant #4 Samuel Tipay as Count Dracula

Contestant #5 Ramoncito Jose Tabaniag as Edward Cullen from the movie Twilight

Contestant #6 Kenneth Jingu from the movie Scream

Contestant #7 Bryan Manzano as Jacob Black from the Twilight movie

Contestant #8 Nathaniel Bayongan

Contestant #9 Ronnel Flores his own Halloween costume

Contestant #10 Bryan Roy as Harry Potter

Contestant #11 Jhessica Alzate as The Dark Nurse from the movie Silent Hill

Contestant #12 Noravel Torres as a Dark Witch

Contestant #13 Cecilia Iion as the Slashing Dark Nurse from Silent Hill movie

Contestant #14 Llane Gonzales as a Friendly Witch

Contestant #15 Imee Amorado as a Zombie

Contestant #16 Chairmaine Banzuela as a Wicked Witch

The iDate Cosplay contestants

The Boys included in the Top 10 Finalists

The Girls included in the Top 10 Finalists

The Top 10 Finalists

3rd Place Winner Bryan Roy with [GM]Rave

2nd Place Winner Cecilia Iio with [GM]Avi

1st Place Winner Ronel Flores with [GM]Chase

Yes, they’re back Cloud 9

The Judges [GM]Gaia, [GM]Avi, [GM]Chase & [GM]Rave

The iDate Halloween Skit were amazing! The audiences were ecstatic to see the presentation of each group for their Halloween Skit entry. Each group has done wonderful Halloween Skit. Some Halloween skit entries are taken from movies and some local TV series.

The winners in the iDate Halloween Skit are:
2nd Place: PPC Crew
1st Place: HDI EX2

Have fun….

Group #1 ENVY Dance Kru – Dance

Group # 2 HDI EX2 – The Existence between Vampires & Lycans

Group # 3 ^SC^ Family – ^SC^ Family Musical

Group #4 PPC Crew – Immortal Combat

2nd Place Winners PPC Crew with [GM]Gaia

1st Place Winners HDI EX2 with [GM]Chase

iDate Artist Hardflip, [GM]Gaia, [GM]Avi, [GM]Rave, [GM]Chase, with the GC Staff.

Special Thanks to:

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