iDate November Events

Halloween’s over and here comes another month. Get a load of our iDate November events. Play and participate in our in-game and forum events to get exciting prizes! Get a hold of the rare in-game items with our Lotto Promo Season 2 and EXP Booster. Enjoy and keep playing iDate!

Winner will receive 7-Day It’s Complicated Title Banner.

Winner will get 7-Day Genius Title Banner.

First 10 players will get 7-Day Teacher’s Pet Title Banner.

Winners will get the following items:
7-Day Swimsuit Outfit
7-Day Hunk/Sexy Title Banner

Winners will receive the following prizes:
1st place: 7-Day iDate Jacket, iDate Cap & iDate Shoes
2nd place: 7-Day iDate Jacket & iDate Cap
3rd place: 7-Day iDate Cap

Win 7-Day Nickname Color Changer.

Purchase EXP Booster item and get corresponding items.

Play Item Battle and get 50% more exp.

Win 7-Day iDate Cap or 7-Day iDate White Jacket

Buy 5 lotto coupons to receive corresponding item.

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