iDate’s K-Pop Hitlist

Can’t wait to listen and groove to the latest korean pop-dance hits on iDate? Here is a sneak preview of what might be included on iDate’s K-pop Hitlist!

Artist: 2PM
Title: Without You

Artist: Wonder Girls
Title: 2 Different Tears

Artist: Davichi
Title: Time, Please Stop

Artist: f(x)
Title: Nu Abo

Artist: 4 Minute
Title: Hit Your Heart

Artist: After School
Title: Bang!

Artist: Super Junior
Title: BonaMana

Artist: SNSD
Title: Run Devil Run

Artist: Secret
Title: Magic

Want your favorite K-pop songs on iDate? Post them here or on this thread:

Song Suggestions

You’ll never know they might be included on our next patch…. ^__^

27 Responses to “iDate’s K-Pop Hitlist”

  1. gm pde poh ba kau mag lagay ng new song pde gee pati run devil run girls generation poh kumanta nyan ty

  2. Larael says:

    songs from big bang.. :)

  3. Robert: [inFi]*Stealth says:

    BonaMana – Suju
    Nu Abo – f(x)
    RunDevilRun – SNSD
    Bingeul Bingeul – U-Kiss
    Love like this – SS501

    sana maka-sama na yang mga yan next patch. asteeg. ^_^

  4. AnGeLOfGraCe says:

    GM pwede lagay ka song ng KARA yung rock you nila ^_^

  5. Patrick says:

    try to follow me – 2ne1
    wedding dress – taeyang
    like the beginning – T-ara
    my girl – taeyang
    prayer – taeyang
    where u at – taeyang

    hope those songs will include because there are my favorite songs.. plsss gm plss include thiss beautifull songs….

  6. iPastel says:

    I want to request a song. Hha.

    La Cha Ta – f(x)

    BTW, iDate is levelling. Hoho. Can’t wait. :D

  7. SiDianeAko says:

    wow. This is great.! New songs! :)

    I was wrong- 2pm
    Try to follow Me- 2ne1

    thank you. :)

  8. SiDianeAko says:

    sorry. my bad.

    correction : I was wrong by 2am not by 2pm. haha :)

  9. youtube says:

    GM , pd pa add rin nang songs

    Kissing You – Girls’ Generation (SNSD)
    Himnae (On the go) – SNSD
    Gee – SNSD
    Girl’s Generation (Song)- SNSD

    Lucky – Ashily

    Lahat nang kanta daw nang KARA xD

  10. cath says:

    creating love – 4minute:)

  11. jiyeon says:

    sana merong :

    we’re with you : kara
    change : hyun ah

  12. [RED]*~pOChii~* says:

    i like the song nu abo by f(x) and the bang by after school and also run devil run by snsd.. my god there’s so many songs but only 2 or 3 songs will be chosen… :)

  13. soshifan says:


  14. Alex says:

    pede po ba him nae, baby baby and honey by snsd po lahat. bagay po sya sa hunting. ^^

    thanks po. ^^

  15. krisz casey says:

    ` w0o0oh0o0o … ang gara amn =))

    ndi na nka2tamad mag iDATE . dmi amn cgurugo cLang iLa2gay na new s0ngs sa iDATE ……??

  16. MyChilL says:

    boss RunDevilRun

  17. Justin says:

    Bingeul Bingeul po nan U-Kiss :) ) pls ?!

  18. sxoxhiiechiiq says:

    puedeh request song plszz…
    lovelikethis ng ss501
    and bingeul bingeul ng u-kiss

  19. hi!,.po,..sana po ilagay Ung song na gara gara go kanta po yan ng bigbang, tsaka ring ding dong ng shinee,..ang ganda po kc ng beat ehh,..sana nman po,.plzzzz. . .

  20. princesshours22 says:

    pede po ba yung I’m Really Hurt by T’ara and chocolate love by girl’s generation…thanks po…sana po marinig ko po siya sa idate..^^..god bless us all… :D

  21. shinji hiyori says:

    to all GM’s, I’m a big kpop fan since 2008 and I was happy that there is an online game that caters to all kpop lovers here in the country. I noticed that there are some great songs that are not included so I think this might help a bit, I’m suggesting this songs based on their beat, impact and its addictive sounds.
    1. Bingeul Bingeul- UKiss
    2. Shock- B2ST
    3. Run Devil Run- Girls Generation
    4. Survivor- DBSK
    5. Breakout- DBSK
    6. Without U- 2PM
    7. Victory Korea- Super Junior
    8. Y- MBLAQ
    10. Love Like This- SS501

    I must agree also that HuH by 4minute and Make Time Stop by Da Vichi to be included in the patch list, well it will be a big gift for my birthday, if some of this songs will be fairly included on the next patch

    Thanks a lot and more power

  22. DaFFoDiL says:

    gosh . . . pde kya ung sa FT island ? . . . weee . . . far out yata ako nyahahahhh . . . . ung STILL n kanta ! weeeeeeee

  23. [CEBU]*03082010â„¢ says:

    Thanks sa mga new items at songs mga GM’s at Staffs ng iDate. Lalo akong na e excite mag laro. More power and have a nice day.

  24. jherick_69 says:

    whew!ganda ng mga new songs.. :)

  25. kuh says:

    paadd nmn po ng mga songs ng snsd,, gnda kc ng beat ng mga songs nila eh,, tska po ugn bgo nila ngaung na “hoot” ang cute eh,, slmat po,, hehe,, sna mrming pang mdgdg na updates sa idate..

  26. [RUN!N]~demzky~ says:

    pa add naman po ng song na ”hurricane venus ” at ”game” by BoA…plzzz

  27. jovin says:

    pa add po sa mga nag lalaro ng IDATE

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